Dr.Shiv Prakash invited to Bangalore to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award

“Dr.Shiv Prakash, the Managing Director of Synchron Research Services was awarded with “Distinguished Alumni Award” by Government College of Pharmacy, Bangalore by Dr.Abdul Kallam on 2nd July 2013.”


We have an onsite analytical laboratory, which is equipped with HPLC, LC MS/MS, GC MS and other sophisticated analytical instruments. We have more than 100 validated bioanalytical methods. Method development is a continuous process at synchron. Our experienced bio analysis team can rapidly assay the samples for pharmacokinetic evaluation of compounds and their metabolites Click below for a Facility Tour of Synchron.

A high performance liquid chromatographic method was develpoed for the estimation of doxazosin in human plasma . It employs a simple and rapid method of sample preparation, visit our website . Doxazosin and intenal standard (prazosin)were chromatographed as ion pairs with heptane sulphonic acid. Sample preparation involved liquid-liquid extraction with diethylether, evaporation of the organic layer reconstitution of the residue into mobile phase and injection of 20 µl into the chromatograph. Chromatograph was performed using ODS C18 5µ reverse phase column with fluorescence detection.Mobile phase consisted of heptane sulphonic acid buffer and methanol. At a flow rate of 1.2 ml/min,one analysis was completed in less than10min . The method was sensitive and reproducibel with accurate detecation as low as 0.1 ng/ml in plasma .

A simple and rapid HPLC assay method for the estimation of metformin in human plasma was developed and validated. The method totally eliminates the extraction procedure. The plasma proteins were precipitated using perchloric acid : acetonitrile (50%v/v) mixture and the supernatant liquid was removed, dried under nitrogen,reconstituted in mobile phase and injected into the HPLC system.

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