Press Notes


Ahmedabad 28 March 2008 – Synchron Research Services Pvt Ltd,the Ahmedabad based leading Clinical Research Organisation(CRO) today announced the acquisition of the stand-alone bio-analytical and bio-marker facility of PAREXEL in France. The lab is located in Poitiers, south of Paris. This is one of the significant acquisitions in CRO industry in India. At the same time PAREXEL increased its stake in Synchron from its present 19.5% to 31%. This lab established in 1977 in Poitiers, was acquired by PAREXEL in 1999. Now it becomes a part of Synchron’s international network of laboratories. The lab will be known in France as SYNEXEL Research International SAS. Parexel sold the Poitiers business to Synchron’s SYNEXEL Research International for approximately $6.7 million dollars.

PAREXEL International Expands Relationship with Synchron Research in India and Divests.
Bioanalytical Laboratory in France

Boston, MA, March 27 – PAREXEL International Corporation (“PAREXEL”) (Nasdaq: PRXL) today announced that it has expanded its minority interest ownership in the clinical pharmacology business of Synchron Research in Ahmedabad, India. The Company also announced the sale of a bioanalytical laboratory in Poitiers, France to a subsidiary of Synchron, SYNEXEL Research International.